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ProHockeyIQ Solution

What is the ProHockeyIQ Solution?

ProHockeyIQ offers a cloud based membership solution through a one-time payment, ranging from 30 days to 365 days of active search for Player Member.

I have a traditional sports agent, why do I need ProHockeyIQ?

If your traditional sports agent provides you with the necessary focus and contacts, then you could use ProHockeyIQ as a compliment. If however, your sports agent does not have the bandwidth to serve you as a Tier 2 athlete, ProHockeyIQ would be a more cost effective support for you.

Is ProHockeyIQ only for North American teams and players?

No, ProHockeyIQ is a global network for Hockey Clubs and Players. We are looking to help teams and players find new and interesting options all over the world.

What kind of information will be included in a Player profile?

After a player registers as a Player Member, there will be statistical information, detailed contact information and other relevant information about the player with regards to education and other off-ice aspects. There is also the possibility to add references and conditioning test results.

What kind of information will be included in a Hockey Club profile?

After a hockey club registers as a Hockey Club Member, there will be information about the hockey club, its facilities, where it is located and detailed contact information for key staff.

As a player, after I have set up my profile, how does the search feature work?

The search feature will allow you to search for teams based on parameters that are important when deciding where to play. In order to review your results in our team database, you will have to purchase a time period for our active search. Under this period, you may search and review as many teams as you wish. You can then send a contact request to your search results. If the team accepts your request, then both parties will have each other’s contact info. All accepted contacts are saved under a tab that you can review, even when you have not paid for active search.

As a hockey club, after setting up our profile, how does the search feature work?

Very similar to that of a Players search. Hockey Clubs will be able to search for players based on certain criteria that they find important in evaluating a player. After reviewing their list of matches, Hockey Clubs can send requests for contact information to players. Teams then have the option to post Open Slots. Open Slots allow teams to post (and organize) their current roster needs, and can specify that they wish to search for those slots.

Can players and teams make it so nobody can contact them, for when there is no need to find new matches?

Yes, each party can use a "Do not contact me" feature by simply marking a checkbox.

Why can't I alter my statistics, weight, height or position?

Unfortunately, all changes to statistics have to be made directly through EliteProspects. We are simply a partner of theirs, and cannot alter it on their page. We do not allow our members to alter their profile height, weight, statistics, or birthdate because we want to ensure all of this information comes from an unbiased, outside source. Please contact EliteProspects via their "Contact Us" pop-up on their homepage.

ProHockeyIQ Job Board

How does the ProHockeyIQ Job Board work?

The ProHockeyIQ Job Board allows coaches to search for open hockey coaching positions with teams all over the world.   Coaches can pay to create a coach listing that allows them to promote their coaching experience, which can be seen by teams all over the world.  Teams can pay to create a job listing that provides details of the open position on their team, such as the job title and job description. If a coach finds a job listing that they wish to apply to, they can provide their information on the listing page and the Team can consider them for the position.  As a ProHockeyIQ Hockey Club or Coach Member, you have the option to automatically fill out your team's information.  Also you and your connected coach will be able to create a new listing for free.

How much does the job board cost?

As noted previously, any Hockey Club Member and connected Coach Member can create a listing for free. For Hockey Clubs that are not Hockey Club Members, coaches, and other staff types, please refer to the Pricing Section for details.

Can ProHockeyIQ remove Job Board Listings??

Yes.  We reserve the right to remove any listings at any time without notice, and without refund, if we determine that the contents of the listing are in non-compliance with the ProHockeyIQ Terms and Conditions.  If you have any questions, please contact support.

Membership offering

Who can become members?

A professional hockey player, a graduating elite level junior and NCAA / CIS college athlete is eligible to become a Player Member. A Hockey Club competing in selected leagues around the world is eligible to become a Hockey Club Member. Any hockey coach or other staff type for a hockey team is eligible to become a Coach Member.

How can I become a member?

Go to the Sign Up section and complete the registration.

What are the terms and conditions for being a member?

During the sign up process you have the opportunity to review in detail the services terms and conditions, which corresponds to generally accepted market rules for similar services.

How do I know that I am eligible to become a member?

During the Sign Up process you will find your current country, league, team and/or EliteProspects statistics. If your current team is not listed, please contact us with your details and ProHockeyIQ will evaluate your request immediately.

Is there a minimum age for signing up?

There is no minimum age requirement. However, in order to sign up, you must find your current team (or previous team if you’re a free agent) on our list of teams. If you cannot find your team in our list, you may send us a request to join. If you are young and do not have enough experience, then you may be limited in what you have access to in our service. This is because our service is aimed to professional ice hockey players, as well as aspiring professional hockey players and hockey clubs.

How is the membership structured?

All eligible Players, Hockey Clubs, and Coaches can sign up and complete their profiles free of charge. Additionally, Hockey Clubs can create open player slots for free as well as use our search and match feature to actively find new players, or create listings to actively find coaches for free. In order to use our search and match feature to actively find new teams a Player Member must purchase active search. This is offered in three options: 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days.

How much does the active search cost?

The Player active search fee is $ 10.00 USD for 30 days, $25.00 USD for 90 days, and $75.00 USD for 365 days. Please refer to the Pricing section for details. Active search is free for Hockey Club Members.

Is there any guarantee for a player or coach to get a contract?

ProHockeyIQ provides a service for a player or coach to provide his profile visible for hockey clubs. ProHockeyIQ is not involved in the contract process and cannot guarantee any success in reaching a contract.

Is there any guarantee for a hockey club to find the right player or coach?

ProHockeyIQ provides a service for a hockey club to provide a profile, in order to represent the hockey club, in the search for players and coaches. The hockey club can search our players’ database and coach listings for specific open slots on the team. The success rate for finding the right player or coach depends on what the hockey club is looking for, what it can offer, and which players or coaches are available and attracted to the offer.


Is all my personal information that I put on my profile protected?

Absolutely! We will make sure that any and all information that you put on your profile does not get misused. Please refer to our Privacy section for more details on privacy.

ProHockeyIQ, Inc.

Is ProHockeyIQ a company and who are the owners?

ProHockeyIQ, Inc. is a company incorporated in the state of Delaware, US and is owned by the Co-Founders.

What is the mission of the company?

ProHockeyIQ is primarily helping Tier 2 professional hockey players enhance their career, by providing the best online connection tool for hockey players globally and assisting hockey clubs to find the most suitable hockey player that will give the best Return on Investment for the Hockey Club.