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ProHockeyIQ offers the perfect solution for players, coaches, and teams to find and contact each other in a time and cost efficient manner.

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Per-Johan Axelsson

Former NHL player Boston Bruins. European Amateur Scout for the Boston Bruins.


Todays hockey world is global. With so many good leagues all around the world, finding the right team in the right league can be a challenge for any player. ProHockeyIQ™ will allow players to search for that right team, no matter where in the world the team may be located.

Matthew Lombardi

Former NHL player for among others the Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes. Last played for Genève-Servette of the Swiss NLA.


Finding the right fit and right opportunity, with a hockey club, has become a challenge, with so many elite leagues around the world. ProHockeyIQ™ helps players connect with the right leagues, and right teams, that are best suited for your specific skill set and personal development. Working with ProHockeyIQ™ as a veteran, or an up and coming player, will get you on the right track to a successful hockey career!

Challe Berglund

Former GM of Djurgårdens IF of the Swedish Hockey League, Olympic gold medalist in 1994 with the Swedish national team and Expert on Radiosporten and Sportbladet.


Information is everything, no matter what kind of business you're in. From my point of view, as a GM, I really need to find out as much as possible about a player and with ProHockeyIQ™ I have that possibility.

There are already some tools that I can use, but with ProHockeyIQ™ I pretty much have everything I need to make the right decisions when deciding upon a player.

Even if I have a great network in hockey, there are a lot of new markets coming up where I need some help. ProHockeyIQ™ will provide me with a service to help tap into these markets where my current network does not reach.

Nils Ekman

Former NHL player Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks. Youth player developer Djurgårdens IF.


Through my experiences both as a player, and now helping younger players develop, I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder for players to find the right team. The hockey world is more global than ever before, and it is easy for players to get lost in the system. ProHockeyIQ™ will allow players to present their profiles as a kind of resume to teams, allowing both sides to find the correct match.

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